I've been a little busy lately :)  I'm certain I'll be back on the art track in the future, 
but for now... I'm lovin' on MY baby!  Thanks for stopping by!


Our good friends, the Williamsons, are heading to Texas.  I'm devastated & can't believe they would do this to us sad to see them go, but excited for what awaits them as Zack starts a doctoral program at UT.  Interestingly enough, stuff about Texas seems to keep popping up since I received the news about their move..... I've been at a light behind someone with a TX tag, I've randomly met a TX native, every magazine lately has had articles about somewhere in TX, and within a week of them deciding to move I received an order to paint a distressed version of the TX flag from someone completely unrelated!  I'm taking that as a good omen for them & I'm always ready to plan a trip, so Austin in the fall.... here we come!  Adios dear friends!


A couple of weeks ago we took a trip to Pawley's Island with Mama and Them.  Even though it was unseasonably cold & rainy we regrouped and had a great time (which isn't too hard when you're with some of your most favorite peeps on the planet!).  



Painting wedding invitations is one of my favorite things to paint.  I always welcome those orders because I get to look at beautiful wedding pictures.  This one was exceptionally pretty.  Speaking of weddings, our SIX year anniversary is this weekend!


Hope your day is lovely!


One good weekend......

My mom & I incorporated an early mother's day mountain trip in to my sis-in-law's sister's wedding (got that?!).  We couldn't have ordered a better weekend.  The air was cool, the forrest was green, and unbelievably relaxing.  

Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera to the wedding, so I only got these two pics with my phone.  Eli & Ollie were perfect little angels.
If you've never been to Lake Rabun, plan a trip right now.  It is AMAZING.... truly feels like you're in Europe.  The wedding was at Lake Rabun Hotel which was equally as charming.

We spent the rest of the time at the lovely Beechwood Inn in Clayton and tooling around the Smokies.


I had a hard time letting this little cuttie go!


My brother shared this with me & I love it way too much not to share with you.


Oooooooommmmmmmm.....for Kimmie & all you yoga folks!


I may have mentioned a time or thousand how in love we are with our little pound puppy.  Animal rescue is near & dear to my heart since we found Vincent Van Harrell through them.  Our local pup rescue is having their annual Mutt Strut Sunday, April 29th.  It's always a good time, so put it on your calendar if you're in the Athens area!  AND you'll have a chance to bid on some barn board stars :)


Lots of spring activity in these parts.  I'd like to forget life for a few days & just sit outside and paint.  I am in absolute awe of the beauty surrounding us in our yard.  
The dogwoods, lenten roses, and woodland iris are doing their thing.  
The hostas & hydrangeas are stretching their leaves out of the earth...     

And I am over the moon about my 
Chinese Snowball!!!


Part II
And the trip continues..... we (Lauren & Kelly) spent an afternoon at Glenwood Hot Springs. I have a thing about public pools, so I was a little resistant when I realized the hot springs were suspiciously similar to one.  Thank goodness I got over that because before I knew it Kelly had me laughing and riding water slides.  See, it really was camp for big kids.
This is the only evidence I have of what the boys did that afternoon.  
Looks pretty innocent, huh?  Oh, Charles (right) had a bum ankle as well, so he was also on a crutch!  

Our last full day I spent tearing up the mountain on a snowboard did one run on the snowboard.  One.  I had a wonderfully patient teacher, but I just wasn't feelin' it & I made it known.  So we joined the boys at the base to enjoy the sun, some fun, and a great little band instead.  
The evening brought an impromptu build-your-own pizza party.  Kelly is a member of their local CSA, so we had an amazing spread.  She also makes her own dough... SOOO good.  

After a little relaxing we mournfully made our way to the airport, but not before a little stop...

I've always wanted to see a show at Redrocks, so I almost jumped out of my seat when there was mention of making a little detour to see the amphitheater.  There wasn't a show to see (other than a weird mix of people exercising), but "the rocks" sure were something to behold.  

 And that's a wrap.  What a trip....I am so thankful we decided to go.