Part II
And the trip continues..... we (Lauren & Kelly) spent an afternoon at Glenwood Hot Springs. I have a thing about public pools, so I was a little resistant when I realized the hot springs were suspiciously similar to one.  Thank goodness I got over that because before I knew it Kelly had me laughing and riding water slides.  See, it really was camp for big kids.
This is the only evidence I have of what the boys did that afternoon.  
Looks pretty innocent, huh?  Oh, Charles (right) had a bum ankle as well, so he was also on a crutch!  

Our last full day I spent tearing up the mountain on a snowboard did one run on the snowboard.  One.  I had a wonderfully patient teacher, but I just wasn't feelin' it & I made it known.  So we joined the boys at the base to enjoy the sun, some fun, and a great little band instead.  
The evening brought an impromptu build-your-own pizza party.  Kelly is a member of their local CSA, so we had an amazing spread.  She also makes her own dough... SOOO good.  

After a little relaxing we mournfully made our way to the airport, but not before a little stop...

I've always wanted to see a show at Redrocks, so I almost jumped out of my seat when there was mention of making a little detour to see the amphitheater.  There wasn't a show to see (other than a weird mix of people exercising), but "the rocks" sure were something to behold.  

 And that's a wrap.  What a trip....I am so thankful we decided to go.